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Choose from three monthly plans as low as $10/month.
Included users: 1 (additional users $10)
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  • Test Kit Reader

    Reading test kits will be fast and accurate. You can even customize the drugs on the report.

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • Test Results Library

    View, download, print, & email drug test result forms from any computer, tablet or phone.

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • License / ID Scanner

    Capture donor information instantly by passing a license or ID card in front of the Pro Reader camera.

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • Test Kit Customizer

    Create and save panel configurations that eliminating unwanted drugs from any test result form.. 

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • Professional Forms

    Professionally designed, clinically accurate result forms are instantly created each time a drug test is conducted. 

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • Results Manager

    Add a contact person & Pocket Labb will instantly email a secure result form each time a test is completed. 

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • Training Mode

    Explore Pocket Labb, run mock drug tests, add mock donors, and practice without using up drug test kits.

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

  • Manage Users

    Add or remove users, set permission levels, reset passwords and activate rapid login badges.

    Available on: Basic, Advanced & Professional

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  • Order Manager

    Instantly order or track a shipment using the Orders dashboard. You can even set auto-order to ship when you get low on tests.


    Available on: Advanced & Professional

  • Donor Manager

    Add manually or upload a spreadsheet, making testing and re-testing donors simple and accurate.

    Available on: Advanced & Professional

  • Observed Collections

    Activate observed/delayed testing & Pocket Labb will document collector and tester separately.

    Available on: Advanced & Professional

  • Paperless Confirmations

    Quickly confirm any rapid drug test result without filling out paperwork using our electronic custody and control forms.


    Available on: Advanced & Professional

  • Straight to Lab Testing

    Send any urine or oral fluid specimen to our SAMSHA certified laboratory for traditional laboratory testing.


    Available on: Advanced & Professional

  • Customize Settings

    Take control over how Pocket Labb Looks & works by adjusting workflow, terminology, result form style, & legal language.

    Available on: Advanced & Professional

  • Custom Consent

    Need donors to sign your documents before testing? It is simple, just upload your consent language & signing will be mandatory.

    Available on: Advanced & Professional

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  • API Access

    Connect your Pocket Labb back-end system with offender management, employee tracking, or other 3rd party application.

    Available on: Professional Only

  • Customer Accounts

    Create customers with their preferred test type, confirmation, MRO, point of contact, and even special requests are possible.

    Available on: Professional Only

  • POS (Coming Soon)

    Let Pocket Labb handle all of your invoicing, reminders, & payment processing with the POS/QuickBooks integration.

    Available on: Professional Only (additional fee applies)

  • Customer Portals

    Extend document and result form access to your customers through an online portal that you control.

    Available on: Professional Only

  • Email Report Tracking

    Instantly verify if a drug test report email was received, opened, bounced, or read. 

    Available on: Professional Only

  • 3rd Party Reports

    Upload laboratory reports, background checks, breath alcohol tests, DNA tests, and more into your Client Portals.

    Available on: Professional Only

  • White Label

    Want your brand on top? Upload a logo for your dashboard, your client's dashboard, and every drug test report.

    Available on: Professional Only (additional fee applies)

We guarantee you will love it
If after 25 tests or 90 days, you're not completely happy with your Pro Reader, return it and we will give you a complete refund.
Your new Pro Reader will comes with 25 complementary drug test kits. This allows you to use your new Pro Reader risk free. If after you use 25 test kits or 90 days, you are not completely satisfied, return the undamaged system for a complete refund. See warranty and return policy.

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